Thursday, January 2, 2014

Common Causes of Spark Plug Failure

Spark plugs play an important role in car engines. They ignite air and fuel in the combustion chambers of cylinders, and start the car engine. If it is bad or worn out it affects the performance of the car engine, fuel efficiency and leads to starting trouble. Studies show that failure in spark plug is the main reason for more than half of all vehicle breakdowns across the world.

The common causes of the failure are fouling, mechanical damage, overheating and improper installing. There are different types of fouling like carbon fouling, oil fouling and lead fouling. In this article, we will discuss briefly the causes of its failure.

Carbon fouling
Carbon fouling is the most common cause of the failure. Carbon fouling means accumulation of carbon deposits on the spark plug. It happens due to choking, which leads to blocked air filter or malfunctioning of the carburetor. The optimal temperature for spark plug is 450°C to 870°C. If the car is idle for a long time, the temperature drops to less than 450°C. Then, the combustion deposits are not burnt off and develop into thick, soft and black carbon, causing carbon fouling.

Oil fouling
Oil fouling happens because of presence of oil in the combustion chamber. Oil enters in to combustion chamber through piston or walls of the cylinders when they are damaged or worn out. It also happens due to a disproportionate oil to fuel ratio. It can be identified by black, shinny, powdery or flaky substance on the spark plug.

Lead fouling
Lead fouling occurs when lead present in gasoline gets deposited and sticks to the spark plug - lead acts as octane enhancers. So, they are mixed in gasoline. Lead fouling can be identified by the greenly deposits. When there is a high load, voltage leaks through the lead that accumulates on the spark plug and causes misfiring. Gasoline car owners should check and replace it after every 1,200 to 1,800 miles.

Worn out
Usually, the firing end will be worn out or the gap between the electrodes will become wider when used for a long time. In that case, normal voltage may not be sufficient to ignite the combustion chamber and the engine does not start. A worn out spark plug will lead to misfiring during acceleration and also causes starting problem.

Mechanical damage
Spark plug threads can get damaged due to improper handling while installing, breakage of ceramic cover, etc. If damaged it results in voltage leak, overheating and abnormal combustion in the cylinders.

We have mentioned earlier that 450°C to 870°C is the optimal temperature range. Temperature more than 870°C overheats the cylinder and damages or melts the firing-end and electrodes. Overheating also causes abnormal combustion. Many small spots, ash deposits or patches on the electrodes are the signs of overheating.

Improper installation
Over tightening or improper tightening will not seal the spark plug tightly with the socket and causes voltage leakage. Make sure to follow manufacturer's recommendations while installing it to avoid failure.

Hiring a Limo for Your Corporate Needs

A limousine may seem excessive if you are looking into transportation options for your company but in reality, it can be a smart expense. When you have clients who need to be picked up at the airport or even just need to be taken from place to place, a limo can make them feel valued important to your organization. A corporate limo hire can be a good investment for your clients to show your solvency as well as to show your respect for them as your clients or potential clients.

Reasons to Hire a Limo Service

When you are looking for comfortable travelling accommodations for yourself, your family, a special event, or to impress your clients, a corporate limo hire can be a great option. With plenty of leg room, sitting room, and even luxury amenities such as a refrigerator or moon roofs, the service a limo can provide is unparalleled. If you truly want to create a special ride for any occasion, a limousine will be the ticket. Here are just some of the times you may want to hire a limo service:

1. Special occasions: Times such as a wedding, funeral, prom, or even just a date night that you would like to really create that memorable time, a corporate limo hire can be the finishing touch. You are able to focus on the event rather than driving and the traffic. The driver of the limo is responsible for delivering you and your guests to the destination.

2. Impressing clients: When you have to pick up potential clients or well-established business partners at the airport or take them from one place to another, a limo is a good option. They will feel special and well-taken care of when they are picked up and arrive in style to their destination. If you travel with them, you have the opportunity to chat rather than maneuver through traffic. It can provide the right atmosphere to discuss business matters in a no-pressure situation.

3. Safety reasons: If you would like to have a fun night out with friends and anticipate drinking and partying, a corporate limo hire can be the best way to ensure you will have a designated driver. Neither you nor your friends will have to miss out on the night's festivities yet you can all arrive at your final destination safely and in style.

A corporate limo hire is not just for business functions but it can provide a safe and economical way for multiple parties to travel together and arrive on time to an event. The gas, time, and hassle it can save for several people travelling together can more than make up for the cost of the limousine service. From an ultra-luxurious service to the basic limo rental, you have many choices to make your day or night special with the right transportation. You can cross that off your list and enjoy the ride rather than causing yourself unnecessary stress from the traffic and logistics of travel.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Protect Your Surroundings With Zero Emission Electric Cars

There is a common belief among the great people "There is no point of living a life of a human being if you have not done something remarkable." The biggest problem of the present time is the environmental pollution. To solve this issue, a number of people throughout the globe have come forward to create awareness for our mother nature. Going green does not mean that you have to start doing green acts. For this, there is a need of shift in consciousness. This shift makes you distinguish choices that you make is whether in favor or against the type of world you wish to see. Avoid using certain things as it will surely make you achieve your dream world. Your wisdom will be stored in your efforts towards saving the environment.

The idea of protecting our surroundings and reducing the pollution levels around us is not limited up to campaigns, socialists, environmental activists and other people who have a soft corner for the environment. There are several automobile manufacturers who seriously understand the problem of environmental pollution and have started thinking ecologically. Everyone blames automobiles for emitting greenhouse gasses that have majorly affected our surroundings. To vindicate themselves, several auto manufacturers have started introducing battery operated vehicles to save our planet earth. These battery operated automobiles are also known as Electric Cars.

Electric cars are well projected transport solution that has left gas pumps behind. These cars present the gasoline-free survival of tomorrow with the must-haves of today. To be precise, an electric car is a means of transportation that runs using one or more electric motor employing electrical energy amassed in energy storage devices or batteries. One can experience smooth and powerful acceleration in these cars as the electric motors used in them give immediate torque.

Nissan Leaf is one of the leaf-shaped automobile that works on the concept of battery operated cars. It gives the toy like impression to the people due to its lumpy style. This car is absolutely affordable with zero emission features. Among electric cars, the Chevrolet Volt is predicted as the first step of the American Automotive Industry towards the plug-ins market. It is truly an American Car that makes the country people feel wonderful. Another famous name in this category of cars is Ford Focus EV which gets charged up within 3 hours.

There are several benefits associated with these electric cars. These zero emission vehicles not only offer you ease in driving but also make you fulfill your promise of preserving nature. The several other benefits include:

• Silent: The best feature of this electric car is its silent nature. There is no ignition takes place as a result of which no sound is produced. This feature in cars will lead to the formation of "Silent City".

• Trouble-free Preservation: As there are no or few moving parts, the electric car maintenance is quite easy. These vehicles are less prone to damage and hence, no frequent oil changes are needed.

• Hale and Hearty Surroundings: Electric cars do not affect the environment in any way as these are free from harmful gas emissions.

• Tax Benefits: Government is also making efforts in encouraging people to go for these vehicles as those driving electric cars are given tax benefits. Even tax credits are offered to those who buy hybrid or electric cars.

• Fuel Efficiency: These cars help in keeping the rates of petrol and gasoline down as their demand will be reduced. These vehicles are battery operated. Hence, there is no need of buying gasoline which will also contribute in their preservation for the future generations.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

High Tech Autos Need High-Tech Repair Shops

Some may say that all of the newer model cars of any make could be considered high-tech. They all require computer diagnostics for serious problems. However, you will find many more 'weekend mechanics' working on their American made autos than foreign jobs. Kids grew up watching their fathers do their own oil changes, replace sparkplugs and maybe work on the carburetor on the family car. No father worked on a foreign car unless he was a professional. One wrong move and not only could the auto be damaged further, it could negate any remaining warranty.

There should be no short cuts taken on BMW automotive repair. These are very well made ultimate driving machines and to repair one takes a qualified mechanic who has had and lived the education of working on all the series, not just one or two models. A Beemer owner can find quality repairs at affordable rates. It should not take a second mortgage just to have your BMW oil change.

Owners may find cheap rates at cheap repair shops that advertise they work on foreign and domestic cars. And the same owner may find reasonable rates at shops that are set up to work on foreign models only. Compare it to going to a doctor. There are many fine physicians out there. You suspect you are having appendicitis. But you need to go and find out for sure. Would you pick a dermatologist or an internal medicine physician? They have both attended medical school and are both licensed physicians. Common sense dictates that you pick the one that has a specialty in your predicament.

You may visit the internist and after examination be told that it was just the Mexican food you had eaten. Nothing is wrong with your appendix. That is good news from the expert. When you take your BMW to a BMW repair shop with apprehension and worry that something is very seriously wrong with your car and you are informed that it is something very simple, you know you can trust what you have been told. It is a huge relief!

We are not picking on any one shop or mechanic here, but everyone knows that when a woman takes her car in for something basic like a BMW oil change, some of the fast-and-cheap chains will try and take advantage with the old trick of you also need this and you also need that. A reliable car repair shop will not stoop to these practices. If a belt or any other item is worn and about to break the mechanic will show the part to the male or female customer so they can see the wear themselves. There are no bait and switch tactics for either of the sexes.

Once a Beemer owner finds the right shop that begins to know the car and all its little nuances, that mechanic becomes like a best friend. He will always let you know when it is time for your BMW oil change or any mileage milestone check-up. He can keep your expensive and much-loved auto running smoothly without so much as a hint of a problem. His phone number should have a place of prominence in your little black (or pink) book.

Knowing About Different Types Of Car Trailers

If you are considering buying a car trailer this year, then you will need to know a little bit more about the different types of car trailer which are available to purchase. As well as cargo trailers, livestock trailers, motorbike trailers and boat trailers, there are some other alternatives available which you may not have thought of yet. Here is a guide to some unusual, alternative types of trailer. If you are buying a trailer (especially if you are buying one from an internet auction site) you should be very careful to make sure that you buy the correct vehicle for your needs.

Travel Trailer
A travel trailer is one of the types of trailer which offers the owners the maximum amount of freedom. This is because they actually offer the owner an alternative to their own home, which can be pulled around behind a vehicle, allowing the owners to move to wherever they please! Good travel trailers will include sleeping space, storage space, and facilities for cooking, washing and eating.

Tanker trailer
This type of trailer is designed especially for those who are looking to transport liquid or semi-solid produce, such as water, milk or slurry. They may even be used to transport highly flammable or toxic chemicals, like fuels or industrial cleaning products. They have been specially designed to make sure that the cargo stays as safe as possible, and doesn't spill. They also include special features so that it is easier to pump liquids in and out of the tanker whenever required.

Flatbed trailer
Flatbed trailers are usually used by people in the construction or manual labor industry. They are designed to make it easier to load, unload and transport especially heavy items, such as logs, construction materials or heavy plant items. They include features such as shock absorbers, which can help to protect the road from the heavy cargo which is being carried.

Motorized trailer
Although these vehicles are still designed to be towed along behind a car or van, they are partially motorized to make everything so much easier. They are often used for towing vehicles, such as small cars, behind another car or RV. The motors in these trailers make it especially easy to load up your cargo and to then hitch it to the back of another vehicle. This can make it a lot easier to take your car with you on any holiday where you plan on sleeping in your RV.